Welcome to the Recruitment page of Department of Design at SPA Bhopal.

The institute established its Department of Design on August 1, 2018 with its Master of Design (M. Des.) programme. The Department of Design offers a two year full-time Master’s Degree programme.

The programme offers a flexible platform for learners to pursue Design with a user-centric approach. Students here are provided opportunities to explore and understand complex socio-cultural and environmental problems. The focus is on designing products and processes that respond to the core elements for the well-being of individuals and societies.

Subjects from different disciplines are structured along four semesters, with a part to whole approach. Along with several electives, students get to choose core subjects in either Product Design or Visual Communication. Object-oriented design learning comes at the initial stages and system oriented design learning comes at the later stages. This way, students can understand the essence of objects and their relationships within a system. An interdisciplinary approach is employed, and subjects are distributed based on domains of knowledge, skill and application each semester. Our graduates pursue Design from user-centric systemic approach.

Training and Placements (T&P) Cell at SPA Bhopal facilitates the Training and Recruitment process.

Training Calendar

The calendar for Industry Training remains same each year, being a part of the academic activities.

  • Industry Internship - 6 to 8 weeks (between May to July)

  • Project 4 (Industry Sponsored) - 14 to 16 weeks (during January to May)

Placement Calendar

The Placement Calendar is flexible. We endeavour to accommodate as per the Industry requirements.

  • Time Frame - 5 October 2021 to 5 December 2021.

Industry members are encouraged to contact the Design Department or T&P Cell to explore various possibilities for collaboration.

To initiate the recruitment process, please fill the Job Announcement Form.


Placement Brochure

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List of few industries where M. Des. scholars have worked in the past