Master of Design 

Initiated in August 2018, the Master of Design Degree programme at School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal offers a unique opportunity for learners to collaborate with the disciplines of Art, Architecture, Planning, Social Sciences, and Technology with positioning themselves in the mutating field of Design. The programme looks towards innovative and sustainable design explorations for complex scenarios of production and consumption. It offers an opportunity to relook at the postgraduate design education framework and provide a pragmatic platform for learners to pursue the discipline of Design from a user-centric systemic approach. 

The Master of Design Degree programme is offered for a duration of two years and consisting of four academic semesters with six to eight weeks of compulsory Industry internship between two years at the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal. 

There are two minor tracks that run parallelly in the programme, Product Design & Visual Communication. 

Students' featured projects

Art for the Visually Impaired

Disha M & Sakshi G  |  MDES_2023

Digital & Physical Project Health Tracker

Shivanie K & Tulika U  |  MDES_2023

Seat Design for Delivery Bikes

Pankhuri W & Rohan  |  MDES_2023

Form Study through Redesign of a Desktop Stapler

Athul Vinayak  |  MDES_2022

Dignifying Open drain Cleaning
Tools for open drain cleaners

Anushri V & Zeehan S  |  MDES_2022

Sex Education Simplified for Indian Urban Colleges 

Asmita K & Abhishek M  |  MDES_2022

Faculty featured projects

Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tribal Settlements and Livelihoods in India

Dr Sukanta Majumdar

Design Research Project for MPCDF

Dr Shanu Sharma

Brand Strategy for Sanchi Dairy

Xaxa Aman Rupesh

Enhancement of Mobility in Rural and Semi-Urban areas through Electric Bicycle Services 

Dr Sukanta Majumdar

September 2022, we celebrated
World Bamboo Month